Thursday, July 19, 2012

Proposal Idea – View-Master

- Soda Row, South Jordan, Utah -


I love all of the new options that we have for displaying photographs.

One new option is a twist on an old favorite: the View-Master.

A View-Master lets you see 3-D images and you can see what an original way it would be to propose.

dsc_5522-130 i love you copy-3

dsc_5525-133 will copy-4

dsc_5529-135 you copy-5

dsc_5539-138 marry copy-7

dsc_5534-136 me copy-6

dsc_5544-140 please copy-8

With each photo, the bride-to-be sees a little bit more of her groom’s creative side and personality.


View-Masters make great gifts.

You can give one to each of your friends and family,

and each year you can give them new photographs to enjoy!

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