Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Utah Senior Portrait Photographer – Class of 2009 – Jordann

I’m sure there’s some of you out there who were just too busy

your senior year to get your pictures done, right?  Well, that

was the case with Jordann. 

But don’t worry!  It’s never too late for senior pictures! 

Getting them done a year later, just made for a fun, relaxing

photo shoot! 

Check out the gorgeous Jordann:

Unique Memory Layout 1DSC_7582-15 DSC_7681-329DSC_7616-125DSC_7638-196DSC_7592-46   DSC_7664-279DSC_7655-256  DSC_7673-305 DSC_7675-311  DSC_7682-334 Collage 1DSC_7740-482 DSC_7757-532DSC_7748-514  DSC_7762-549 DSC_7768-568 DSC_7784-628  DSC_7890-919DSC_7901-940DSC_7837-778   DSC_7943-1031DSC_7932-990  DSC_7950-1050 DSC_8016-1290    DSC_8070-1433 DSC_8053-1377DSC_8151-1604 DSC_8097-1522DSC_8156-1618

DSC_8205-1694    Collage 2

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Utah Portrait Photographer – Headshots – Models – Portfolio Shots

I was so excited when a great friend of mine

asked for some headshots.  Yes I love doing them! 

So check out this hot actress!!

DSC_2276-133 DSC_2199-5 DSC_2213-14 DSC_2218-27 DSC_2222-35 DSC_2226-42  DSC_2266-110 DSC_2263-101DSC_2236-59  DSC_2232-52DSC_2269-119

Utah Senior Portrait Photographer – Class of 2010 – Julie

I had so much fun with Julie!  Julie loooooves cats, so I was super excited when out of no where a cat appears to be in her pictures!  Just so perfect!  Congratulations Julie!

DSC_2537-468 DSC_2309-15 DSC_2311-26 DSC_2396-199 DSC_2442-281DSC_2453-313DSC_2405-208   DSC_2475-345