Thursday, May 27, 2010

Utah Portrait Photographer – Big Sis ‘lil Sis

There’s nothing sweeter than


a big sister! 

DSC_2283-104DSC_2291-125DSC_2287-108DSC_2225-12DSC_2232-26DSC_2296-140 DSC_2316-173DSC_2318-180        


All these darling accessories are from the

fabulous Mack Savvy.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Utah Dance Photographer – Academy of Dance

Academy of Dance is packed full of talent! 

Just look at these darling girls!

 DSC_3457-66DSC_3568-101DSC_3553-96 DSC_3556-97  DSC_3300-18Joey Barett1  Kendyl Barett1 Kira Webster1  Alexia Cockerell1 Annie Tueller1 Autumn Pearson1 Brooklyn Bond1 Dallas Hinds1    DSC_3393-49DSC_3336-31DSC_3356-37 DSC_3420-56 DSC_3549-95 DSC_3502-79 DSC_3527-88 Trinity Flynn


Thank you Academy of Dance!

  Such beautiful dancers!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Utah Portrait Photographer – Three sweet Sisters – Mack Savvy Accessories

Aren’t these sisters so cute?

DSC_2569-14  DSC_2580-28 DSC_2588-46 DSC_2599-49 DSC_2606-52 DSC_2616-62 DSC_2623-71 DSC_2626-78 DSC_2637-82 DSC_2649-100 DSC_2796-268DSC_2688-151 DSC_2741-195DSC_2707-163 

All accessories provided by the talented Mack Savvy

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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Utah Family Portrait Photographer – When the family gets together…

This family was one of the funniest families ever!  I laughed so much!  Such warm, kind people who know how to have fun!  Thanks Hunt family for a great evening!

Before you climb a tree, have a plan on how you re going to get down!! :)
DSC_4463-1   DSC_4507-68 DSC_4544-100 DSC_4551-107DSC_4481-23 DSC_4554-110 DSC_4563-124 DSC_4571-142 DSC_4583-168 DSC_4593-210 DSC_4599-225 DSC_4626-288 DSC_4641-312 DSC_4662-333
Isn’t Haley the cutest baby?  I LOVE all of her fun expressions!!
DSC_4691-357DSC_4678-342  DSC_4693-365 DSC_4699-371 DSC_4702-380DSC_4710-399DSC_4715-412