Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Utah Portrait Photographer – A visit to Ephraim, Utah

A visit to Ephraim, Utah proved to be a gold mine for photography spots!  This cute little town was filled with old barns, cool walls and scenic farms and vistas. 

I enjoyed photographing the darling Olson kids!

DSC_6099-225  DSC_6005-42DSC_5996-17 DSC_6020-83 DSC_6034-115 DSC_6052-143 DSC_6087-191 DSC_6093-211

Utah Portrait Photographer – Sweet Maddy & Bella in Beautiful Mueller Park

What’s cuter than a darling little girl?

DSC_5584-204 DSC_5431-19 DSC_5478-97


A darling little girl with her darling little dog!!



Utah Newborn Portrait Photographer – Sweet baby Oscar

I LOVE newborns!!  They are just so sweet and fresh from heaven!

I LOVED spending time with little Oscar and his great family!

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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Utah Family Portrait Photographer – The beautiful Kincaid Family

The Kincaid family was so much fun! 

They even had a set of triplets in their family!  What a gorgeous group!!

DSC_4094-3DSC_4105-24    DSC_4169-118DSC_4134-71 DSC_4228-204 DSC_4184-144  DSC_4258-263 DSC_4262-272 DSC_4292-330 DSC_4313-358 DSC_4353-395 DSC_4537-423 DSC_4586-447 DSC_4615-489 DSC_4621-500


Monday, August 9, 2010

Utah Children Portrait Photographer – Life in a small town

Meet the Olson kids….aren’t they so cute? 

I just loved visiting Ephraim and finding so many new AMAZING places to take photos. 

DSC_6005-43DSC_6085-184DSC_5996-19DSC_6019-80  DSC_6078-171 DSC_6029-100 DSC_6036-119 DSC_6050-139   DSC_6097-220 DSC_6099-225