Tuesday, October 5, 2010

What size print should I order? Why BIGGER is ALWAYS BETTER!

After clients view their photos, one of the first
questions always asked is,
“what size print should I get”?
My best advice is GO BIG! 
And by BIG I don’t mean an 8x10. 
Let me show you visually why a larger print is better.
First… here’s what an 8x10 looks like hanging over a couch:
DSC_3342-8 8x10

Maybe you were thinking an 8x10 was a
little too big?  Here’s a 5x7:
DSC_3332-3 5x7
Looks like a postage stamp, doesn’t it?
  Now don’t get me wrong.  And 8x10 or 5x7 are
perfect for the desk in your office, or your nightstand
in your bedroom. 
But when you’re displaying your portrait in
a common area, THINK BIG!!
DSC_3335-4 24x36 DSC_3328-1 20x30
Here are examples of other popular photo sizes.
DSC_3329-2 11x14   DSC_3337-5 16x20
Now what if you have several photos you’d like to
display?  What sizes should you get?
Here are a few examples of ways you can arrange
your photos:
Pink Daff print options 5 copy Pink Daff print options 3 copyPink Daff print options 1 copy Pink Daff print options 2 copy  Pink Daff print options 4 copy
There are countless other ways to arrange your
Hopefully this helps!