Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Utah Family Portrait Photographer – The beautiful Kincaid Family

The Kincaid family was so much fun! 

They even had a set of triplets in their family!  What a gorgeous group!!

DSC_4094-3DSC_4105-24    DSC_4169-118DSC_4134-71 DSC_4228-204 DSC_4184-144  DSC_4258-263 DSC_4262-272 DSC_4292-330 DSC_4313-358 DSC_4353-395 DSC_4537-423 DSC_4586-447 DSC_4615-489 DSC_4621-500



Naqib said...

Wow I really love the color and textures that I can see in the children's eyes! It really stands out..beautiful shoot

Denise H. said...

GORGEOUS!!!!!!!! and I LOVE the location.