Thursday, November 4, 2010

Utah Portrait Photographer – Metal? Metal Prints? YES!

Pink Daffodil Photography is proud to announce a
new product… METAL PRINTS!
It’s soooo super cool! 
But don’t take my word for it…check out these photos!

16x24 High Gloss Metal Print:

Mounting Block attached to the back
for FRAMELESS hanging!!

Only 2 mm thick,  It’s very lightweight, extremely
sturdy and wipes clean! AWESOME!
Here’s one more look at the big picture. 
Notice the bold colors and crispness the high gloss
brings out!

Here’s what a 16x20 looks like hanging on the wall:
DSC_7485-14       DSC_7483-13
And now the big question…How much?
Here’s a complete price list:

5x7       $35
8x10     $45
8x12     $55
12x12    $65
16x20     $175
16x24     $185
20x24     $210
20x30     $250
24x36     $450
30x40     $575
Other sizes available..just ask!

What is a Cluster?  If you don’t know what sizes and how to arrange these beautiful metal prints on your wall…you don’t have to!  Here’s some designs ALL READY for you! 
Pink Daffodil Cluster Rectangle Times 3 copy Pink Daffodil Cluster The formal 4 copy Pink Daffodil Cluster Square Times 3 copy Pink Daffodil Cluster Timeless copy Pink Daffodil Cluster Tic tac toe copy

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