Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Utah Portrait Photographer – Can you say Personality? – CUTE Malia

So this sweetheart was full of energy and MAJOR

personality!  Malia would change her facial expression after

every click.  She’s SO CUTE!  If only everyone had this

amount of excitement for getting their pictures taken!

DSC_2444-153DSC_2333-7DSC_2478-217 DSC_2331-2  DSC_2340-24 DSC_2346-39DSC_2350-41DSC_2341-29   DSC_2365-55DSC_2401-80 DSC_2415-97  DSC_2417-102 DSC_2439-135   DSC_2448-165 DSC_2469-197DSC_2442-147

Thanks for making my job so much fun Malia!!

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1 comment:

Cindi said...

love love love these shots! she was so fun to photograph :)