Friday, May 14, 2010

Utah Wedding Photographer – Caroline and Roger – Draper Temple

It was a perfect day for a wedding!!! 

DSC_9398-29 DSC_9407-38 DSC_9546-135 DSC_9582-156 DSC_9588-159 DSC_9597-171 DSC_9598-174 DSC_9602-177  DSC_9620-202 DSC_9617-194 DSC_9633-223 DSC_9652-253 DSC_9658-268DSC_9653-257  DSC_9674-286DSC_9668-281  DSC_9676-289 DSC_9684-301 DSC_9687-312 DSC_9699-327 DSC_9701-336 DSC_9703-338 DSC_9722-373 DSC_9725-374 DSC_9729-381 DSC_9744-397 DSC_9762-421 DSC_9766-426 DSC_9777-437 DSC_9787-450 DSC_9788-453 DSC_9793-462  DSC_9802-470 DSC_9795-466

Congratulations Caroline and Roger!!!!

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