Saturday, June 12, 2010

Utah Family Portrait Photographer – Salt Lake City Spring Park Sessions

What’s more fun than taking the family to the park for
a photo shoot?  It’s perfect for smaller kids who
don’t like to sit still…and let’s face it, there aren’t
many kids that enjoy holding still. :) 
My favorite sessions are the ones that I get to chase
little ones around a park and capture them in their
natural elements…laughing, playing and being
Check out this darling family…
DSC_6838-42DSC_7046-2-550 DSC_6907-207DSC_6848-71Collage 1   DSC_6865-101DSC_6878-137DSC_7019-418   DSC_7011-397DSC_7004-382  DSC_6998-370

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