Thursday, June 3, 2010

Utah Portrait Photographer – Annie – The sweetest 1 year old ever!

Meet Annie.  Isn’t she sweet? 

This little cutie smiled from ear to ear for a solid 20 minutes or more! 

I’ve never seen such a happy, sweet 1 year old before!

DSC_2869-5DSC_2868-2DSC_2898-70DSC_2888-42     DSC_2899-78 DSC_2904-85 DSC_2927-144DSC_2944-172DSC_3170-510  DSC_3009-270 DSC_3018-288 DSC_3020-292 DSC_3158-494DSC_3051-347 DSC_3094-409  DSC_3168-501

And of course Annie is outfitted in the darling accessories provided

by Mack Savvy.  Head over and check out all the cute stuff!

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